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City On My Back Archives » The Fine Print: The Olympics Worked

The Fine Print: The Olympics Worked

hyperadmin | The Fine Print | Monday, March 1st, 2010


By Jonathon “Bizz” Brown

The 2010 Winter Olympics are over, but their influence on the hearts and minds of Canadians is just getting started. Third overall in the medal count and leading with 14 golds, Canada is a winner. Billions of dollars in spending, new & refurbished venues, a new approach to training our athletes, a new fleet of national heroes and last but, oh God – DEFINITELY not least a pair of gold medals in hockey has Canadians flying high. And it’s necessary in a time of giddy glee to recognize the bottom line of hosting an Olympics; to bring together the country.

With two embarrassingly gold-less Olympics on Canadian soil in decades past, we headed into these games humble and quiet, hoping we’d come away with a gold to call our own. Alexandre Bilodeau won men’s moguls on February 14th breaking the ice, changing his life forever and setting the tone for a storybook showing from the great host nation. While optimistic and feeling some momentum, Canadians started getting into the swing of this winning-thing. Maelle Ricker won her gold medal in snowboard cross and we started to pick up our feet a little higher when we walked. Jon Montgomery won the skeleton and in true Canadian form went for a pint as the country got in the habit of raising our glasses to success. Ashleigh McIvor wrote a paper in her freshman year of college arguing ski cross should be included in the winter Olympics. She sent it to the International Olympic Committee and ski cross debuted at the 2010 Olympics. Guess who won the gold medal?

The water cooler was getting crowded as the country rumbled about this victorious pace. The streets were quiet, until they were loud again. The medals continued to tally. The blogosphere went wild with commentary. The television ratings went through the roof. For once, Canadians were talking about Canadians more than anything.

The women won gold and silver in bobsleigh and as I watched their interview I remembered their hopeful faces gleaming during the opening ceremonies. Back then, they were just happy to be there soaking it all in. They were wide-eyed and overcome with excitement, but ultimately unsure of their standing on the world stage – just like their country.

Heck, I even broke down and watched the men win curling gold. And believe me, that’s Olympic spirit keeping me from changing the channel from a sport like curling. But, I was enthralled in the gold medal race and wanted to see us add to it. Because as a friend of mine said, “those are the only ones that really count.” I’m sure you understand the sentiment, however convenient it seems that our high brow expectations coincide with an unimaginable flurry of gold medal wins. Nonetheless, I watched and rooted and prayed to God we’d win gold in hockey.

“This will not be a fun place to be if we lose in hockey,” I remember thinking – and saying.

Our women’s hockey team proved they’re rock solid and as dominating as ever. They broke out the cigars and beer after the arena emptied and had an impromptu celebration right there on the ice. And why not?! In their home country, surrounded by loved ones and well wishers, after months of training and preparation – go ahead and enjoy your freedom! As did the women’s hockey team, Canadians couldn’t believe the storybook script playing out in front of them.

“Humble Host Nation Leads Gold Medal Count”

And then came our Superbowl – men’s hockey. It’s either gold, or we lose to our powerful neighbours to the south. We lose to the country we can’t help but compete with. Yes, we’ve got more land mass. Yes, we have more drinking water. Yes, we’ve taken the blow of this global recession better than they have. But we have to win because – yes, we count on hockey. It’s when we flex in front of the mirror and shout out the window how great we are.

Well, not only do we win the gold medal in only the 2nd overtime in Olympic history. But it’s done at home while cementing another undeniable national hero in Sidney Crosby. That goal, 7:40 into overtime, had even the most timid, socially detached Canadians erect and proud to be one.

And now that it’s over, the post-Olympic story lines will continue to reveal themselves. The studies on its impact will continue. The memories will permeate. The adrenaline will continue to spread. But long after all these processes fade out, a new sense of closeness will prevail. Canadians are the closest to feeling like “the best” as we ever have and that means the 2010 Vancouver Olympics worked – because we are.
That’s The Fine Print.

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  1. well written!! great point!! we are the best!!!

    Comment by kyla — March 1, 2010 @ 1:18 pm

  2. GOOOOOOOOOO CANADA! the fine print is dope..keep doin it bizz

    Comment by YAYO — March 1, 2010 @ 6:23 pm

  3. Bizz, good coverage on the olympic spirit, your writing is always refreshing to see, keep at it brother.

    Canada has made history!

    Most gold medals ever won in the olympic games!

    RIP to the Georgian luger fella though…dayyuuummm I heard the PINGGGGG of his head hitting that metal beam at 140km/h right after the hockey game was done in surround sound.

    Comment by G $ — March 2, 2010 @ 2:36 am

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