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hyperadmin | A City In Focus | Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

July 1, 2009

What it is, What it is?! Canada 2009 – the launch date. This is it, the chance for an inspired group of indelible music scribes, cultural documentarians and, most importantly, citizens of the good City of Toronto to throw our individual hats into the ring in support of a city that has provided so much to us, yet continues to be culturally undervalued and discounted both from the outside and by many of it’s own. Many waves of musical prospects and “contender for the elite” entertainers have come up through the years offering the hope of finally putting Toronto on the map of global respect and fame, yet the resulting success has long been, for the most part, a tiresome exercise in interpretation of that success and debate about what it would take to actually get over.

But success and failure are subjective measures. What we really need to focus on when thinking about what’s “making it” in terms of the city’s cultural output  is how that culture impacts those living within it’s direct vicinity, and the fact is that most of the big things this city’s been up to go uncelebrated simply because they’re happening in places many just aren’t looking. Our hopes with City On Or Back is to point people in the right direction and to turn attention to the artists, events, movements, on general goings on that make the T-dot such a fruitful and inspiring place to live.

A City In Focus is my humble contribution to that goal – an attempt to capture the breadth of Toronto’s urban cityscape with a bag full of lenses and a notepad, and what a better time to get started than summertime. But as I’m sure y’all know, summer in Toronto don’t wait for nobody, and if you hit that snooze button one too many times, you just might wake up and find yourself shivering in that loathsome late September coolness.  So, with the summer’s midway point fast approaching, I’ll offer a few subsequent posts on some of the things that have happened thus far.

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