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Rich Kidd // 01

This Friday July 16th at  Augusta House, another 8 of the city’s dopest beatmakers will take it to the stage to flip, cut, mix, chop, and do whatever it takes to win $1500 cash and the title of Toronto’s hottest producer.  The never done before, live production event Sound Battle Royal, kicked off their 5 part series last month, providing Toronto and it’s talent a new platform for appreciating a very important aspect of the production process: CREATIVITY!  And who better to judge his fellow beatmakers on how to make it hot (literally!!), than T-Dot’s own Rico Suave on the boards, Rich Kidd.  Producing for some of hip hop biggest talents such as Drake, Frank and Dank, Ill Bill and more, Rich knows a thing or 2 about making music for the masses and shares this knowledge with up and comers in the production game.

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Rich Kidd // 04

Photos: Scott Christie,, special thanks to Joe Kar and Mina Mikhail

Space: CBC Sound, studio 211. A variety of studios are available for professional recording at reasonable rates. Contact or call 416-205-2971.

From his early days chilling in B1 park repping Sauga City, Rich Kidd was taking in freestyles from the O.G’s in his hood, eventually spitting his own verses, over his own beats inspired by golden era tunes from Aaron Neville and the Chilites.  But as a youth, it wasn’t Rich’s musical talent that was getting him places.  When most kids were getting kicked out of class for being rowdy, Rich was busy doodling comics and coming up with stories that found him in the hallway due to their explicit nature. Rich eventually got into rapping with the other students freestyling out there with him.  His inspiration to make beats came from the lack of music for him to spit over.  “I just wanted to spit over beats that were mine”. Since then, Rich has worked with almost anyone who has big talent in this City including MC’s such as Big Sauks and Toronto songbirds Tanika Chawlz, T. Ana Cole and Kyauna Clarke.

With a crazy work schedule that keeps him in and out of the city almost weekly, Rich still has time to give back and inspire those coming up under him.  A youth mentor and educator, Rich shares his knowledge with kids  through the Lost Lyrics program showing them how to keep it simple and still produce quality music through programs like fruity loops. “ No one in my hood was really doing it that big at the time.  I feel like I broke barriers.  I feel like a role model.  You’re always a role model for someone and someone always looks up to you whether you know it or not”. And Rich Kidd lives up to this status by working with a slew of community programs across the City including events like 106&York and Manifesto.

Rich Kidd // 02

Besides doing it for the kids, Rich continues to bang it out for the music heads and lovers of that boom bap.  He shared some insight from the SBR judge’s corner and gave us the goods on producing and taking it to the stage….

What type of equipment do you use to make beats?

I’m a software dude. I mess with Fruity Loops Studio among other things but the FL is where all the sequencing comes together.

Where do you find samples or get inspiration for your beats?

I find samples from anywhere like T.V. to vinyl to cassette tapes to MP3s. It’s all about what catches my ear and makes me feel like I can chop it up. Even when I go out and see live performances, i might record em and chop em up back at home and build something. The possibilities ARE LIMITLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What American Artists have you worked with?


Jokes!  I’ve worked with a few, but I’d really like to work with Raekwon someday.

Rich Kidd // 03

What are key business tips that producers coming up should know?

Remember when you decide to mess with someone outside your camp or dudes you know, its B.N.P.! BUSINESS, NEVER PERSONAL! And don’t let dudes sell you dreams and say if you give them a beat then they’ll blow up and you get paid after. Get something Upfront and collect your backend royalties (50% usually) too.

Have you ever been inspired to make a beat while you were on the road and how did it go down?

Yea, while me and DJ MENSA were on the SOARING TO HEAVEN TOUR from Winnipeg to Vancouver, I was doing beats in the car from city to city. I would make a couple beats an hour, after driving for 3 hours, I made a beat cd to bump in the whip. Ask Mensa. Swear to JAH!

What are some of your favorite spots to tour?

Vancouver was live. Winnipeg was live. Saskatoon was good. Banff too.  I like Canada outside of Ontario. They wanna take in stuff they’ve never seen before, even in a club type environment. Melbourne, Austrailia was poppin’ too. Brooklyn: enough said.

Rich Kidd // 05

What is your favorite venue in the city to perform?

I gotta say either MOD Club or Revival. They’re right across the street from each other too. I must have done over 15 performances at Revival, all different shows, with me hosting or rapping or just supporting for a song. The illest performance I did there was the Manifesto After Party opening for Hi-Tek. I just did my first set at MOD Club for the Stylus Nominee Party and that was pretty dope too.

What are your favorite spot in the city to just chill, mediate or just think?

The crib. If not there, by the lake. I like to meditate or think on my own a lot……ALOT! Fuck it, I’m a loner!

Rich Kidd // 06

Last Words?

Let The Music Speak V.1 COMIN SOON.

Sound Battle Royale, July 16th Augusta House.

We On Some Rich Kidd Shit 4 Release Party July 29th Revival.

Check out Rich Kidd along with Tone Mason, Junia T and Dj Mel Boogie this Friday, July 16th @ Sound Battle Royale: ROUND 2, Augusta House 152 Augusta Ave.  In Kensignton Market.

Official Trailer:

SBR round 2

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  1. Rich Kidd has come a long way and still remembers where he started off from. Looking back on how much your accomplished- That is where the street cred is. Keep on doing yours and WE want to hear you in MTL!


    elle dubs

    Comment by ellematic — August 8, 2010 @ 3:51 pm

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