EDITORIAL: Urban Music in Toronto Takes Front Stage by Kern Carter

hyperadmin | Editorial | Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Nice likkle editorial piece by Kern Carter about the city’s music scene (which is on fire btw).

It’s become clear that hip hop music is shining its spotlight north of the boarder, and particularly in the city of Toronto. Over the past few years, we have seen a number of artists and producers burst into the mainstream to become stars, and countless more waiting their turn to become the next big thing to make it out of the city. With so much rising talent to choose from, it’s no wonder Toronto has the ear of the industry and the attention of the world.

Toronto New City of Urban Music

Urban music has made its rounds across America, continually seraching for the next wave of talent to lead the industry with fresh sounds and new energy; from New York to LA, to Atlanta and the rest of the south, and now finally to the Canadian city of Toronto. In all of its travels, it has been the up and coming talent that have driven these cities to prominence; be it a young Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, Outkast and TI, No Limit and Cash Money, it is the young talent that push their cities forward and eventually become household names.

Toronto Filled With Outstanding Young Musical Talent

Toronto is no different. With Drake leading the way, and K’Naan beginning to take off, there is a cast of rising artists anxious to step into the spotlight and capitalize on a booming industry. As far as rappers go, P Reign and JD Era are the most talked about in the city. P Reign is currently on the Canadian leg of Drake’s tour, while Era has what most will agree is the hottest single in the city with the Beat Merchant produced, “You Know This.” Page is another Toronto bred rapper that has already enjoyed some commercial success with his “So Fly” track that made a strong run on Canadian and U.S airwaves, and his recent feud with Drake has again thrust him into the spotlight.


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