EVENT: T-Dot Renaissance – "Diasporic Journeys Collaborative Art Installation" (Dec 3rd-4th @ Loft 404)

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Another dope initiative! (Shouts to Amanda!)




December 3rd-4th, 2011

Diasporic Journeys: Young

Toronto Artists Collaborate for Collective Art Installation.


T-Dot Renaissance announces it’s first-ever collective art installation exploring diasporic journeys, from December 3-4th, 2011 at Loft 404 (located at 404-263 Adelaide St. West). Join us in this experiential exhibit, where all guests will be invited to walk through our interactive space at their own pace, and take the journey with us!


T-Dot Renaissance represents a group of emerging and interdisciplinary artists, working and rooted in Toronto. Emerging from the successful staging of Amanda Parris’s theatrical production, 32C and inspired by the artistic movement of the Harlem Renaissance, this group of artists became inspired to further collaborate, by putting together interactive and interdisciplinary installations that would see their collaboration reach new depths.


Their purpose (in progress) is:


1. To Make Purposeful Time for Play

2. To Collaborate and Build Multi-Arts Installations

3. To Learn from Collective Mentors

4. To Mobilize Resources for Artistic Opportunities for Us All

5. To Create Healing Spaces for Artists to Push Limits

6. To Re-Define Ritual and Community and Build Solidarity Between Our Village


T-Dot Renaissance seeks to tell the stories that are not told, to give voice to those often silenced, and to encourage a kind of collaborative effort that is often missing from today’s individualistic and product-driven art market. This installation will trace the journey of so-called “third world” bodies they move across space into the “first world.”  Through poetry, photography, film, painting, sculpture and dance, the artists will “flip the colonial gaze” and tell a new story; one that is embedded in critique, challenge, memory and survival.


Artistic Director: Amanda Parris

Featured Artists: Colanthony Humphrey, Natasha Daniel, Neil “Logik” Donaldson, Nadijah Robinson, Quentin Vercetty, Nayani Thiyagarajah, Kim Crosby, Myk Miranda, Camille “Ciel” Lauren, Keisha-Monique Simpson, Jamiena Shah, Kemba King, Alana Lowe, Alix Muyoti and Kayla Carter.


The collective T-Dot Renaissance is extremely thankful to the Ontario Arts Council for their support of the team’s collective efforts, and to Loft 404 for providing a beautiful space for the installation.


We encourage people to follow us on twitter.com/TDotRenaissance, check out our Facebook event, and visit tdotrenaissance.squarespace.com for regular updates on all installation news.

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  1. Thanks Ty! You’re the greatest 🙂

    Comment by Amanda — December 9, 2011 @ 2:16 am

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