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The Airplane Boys are Toronto’s premiere hip-hop duo.

Coming down from the high they experienced with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, GlobalGrind caught up with Beck Motley and Bon Voyage to chit-chat about being hometown heroes.

Adding to the list of talent emerging from Toronto’s music scene, The Airplane Boys are the new faces of an ever-evolving hip-hop genre.

Check out our exclusive interview with The Airplanes Boys below!

GlobalGrind: You guys came back from the UK. How was that, you were with Snoop?

Beck Motley: All the time.

How crazy was that?

Amazing because the time zone difference, the different culture, they drive on the right side, different type of money —as a group it’s a whole new experience. The traveling part and learning different cultures and communicating and just hearing different accents, it’s refreshing for us.

How was it touring with Snoop?  Did you guys roll up with Snoop?

Bon Voyage: We did, the first tour. That was ill.

Beck Motley: It’s nuts. After every show we would go into the crowd and take pictures with them, drink with them, toast with them. It’s really wild out there, especially in Scotland.

Bon Voyage: Guys trying to kiss you, girls trying to hawk you down. It’s some f*cked up sh*t.

Beck Motley: Trying to grab your face, put it in their chest.

Wow. What’s been like the wildest thing that’s happened, then?

Bon Voyage: This 38-year-old lady grabbed my head and just tumbled me down, and I had no f*cking choice. And she’s like ‘OK, let’s take a picture.’

You guys did some shows with J.Cole, how was that?

That was amazing because we’re driving from place to place, and that gave it that rock and roll feel. In every state I’m going to go in. it was just inspiring to see another—who you would say is leading the new young wave. With Snoop it was an iconic legend, and you learn that way. But with J. Cole it’s someone that’s not too far.


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