Celebrating Dalton higgins' new book "Hip Hop World"

hyperadmin | A City In Focus | Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Pinning his hopes on the notion that beats and rhymes enthusiasts actually do read from time-to-time, long time urban music scribe Dalton Higgins stretched his literary reach out into book form last Tuesday with the unveiling of Hip Hop World at Toronto’s Lula Lounge. Presenting his investigative report into the perceived current disconnect between the current incarnations of American hip hop and its idealized origins as the socially progressive voice of neglected youth, Higgins called on a handful of choice performers to help celebrate the book’s release.

Dalton Higgins and Garvia Bailey

With DJ Loqenz setting the overall old-school tone of the evening, and “Big City, Small World” host Garvia Bailey guiding the exploratory interview portion, Cuban-born singer/MC Telmary Diaz got things going on the performance side with one of her rare all-hip hop sets in recent memory. Others on hand that night included former DMC champ DJ Dopey, Monolith alumni WIO K and Grimace love, and big name out-of-towner Scratch (form The Roots) who, armed with just a pair of loop machines, embarked on mouth-music massacre through a slew of recent rap and r&b hits.

Of course, the purpose of the night was to help promote the many tough questions posed in Higgins’ latest analysis of hip hop culture, and through his interview with Bailey the author offered a taste of what readers will find there. Wrapped in the general observation that hip hop outside of North America is far more in-tune with the culture’s initial potential as a social change agent than the myriad styles dominant here at home, the book tackles issues of commercialism, multicultural acceptance, and even the curious absence of homosexuality in hip hop. It’s a thought provoking reflection on the shear force of a music and culture many of us take for granted, and a must read as we settle into September’s educational spirit.

For more information on Higgins’ Hip Hop World, visit the Groundwood Books website.

Dalton Higgins and Garvia Bailey

DJ Loqenz

Telmary Diaz

Scratch (from The Roots)

WIO K & Grimace Love

Dalton Higgins

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  1. excellent coverage, Kevin! thank you.
    I was there, but I’ve been going thru hella stress… I couldn’t even be at my usual location (at the front of the stage right by the speakers) for this show. Glad you covered it so excellently.
    mad love to Usain Dalt and Garvia Bailey, two of the best thinkers in the city 🙂
    love, Mindbender

    Comment by Mindbender — September 8, 2009 @ 12:56 pm

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