Moni in the Middle…Interview with Tanika Charles

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I have to admit this interview might seem bit short for such a huge talent.  Not because there aren’t enough amazing things to say about the lovely Tanika Charles, but more because when you’re in her presence, it’s not even about her.  Tanika, aka Mz. Chawls, has a way of looking you straight in the eye and knowing exactly how you’re feeling.  And she called out my forever aching heart right away.  “You’re a cancer, aren’t you?” she pinpointed me.  “How did you know?” I replied surprised.  And with that signature twinkle in her eye she responded with an, “ooh girl, I just know … Trust me when I say, I KNOW”.

Full interview after the jump! (more…)

INTERVIEW: Drake Talks Fireworks + Release Date + Away From Home Tour

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Caught these vids on TOFLO. Drizzy chops it up with Sway from MTV to talk Thank Me Later‘s release date (June 15th), his new joint “Fireworks”, how it feels to be back on tour and more. 2nd clip is after the jump!


MIXTAPE: Malicious "Life's Not So Sample 2"

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Malicious (LNSS2)  (Front)

Download HERE!

Malicious releases his latest mixtape with some help from KNH.

Full tracklist after the jump!


NEW VIDEO: Ricky J "What A Night" (Directed by Yolande Geralds)

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Directed by Yolande Geralds.

Canadian Rapper Ricky J Set To Make Return To Music In 2010 With New Single “Whatta Night” from the Forthcoming CD, Paint The Town

Canadian hip-hop sensation Ricky J announces his return to making music with the release of a brand new single, “Whatta Night,” six years after opting to move behind the scenes to focus on building his business enterprise.

The Billboard chart-topping entrepreneur positioned his events company in 2009 as Canada’s most sought-after entertainment production agency, and has lent a hand as a manager, booking agent, producer and writer for other artists over the years. But after getting back into the studio in 2009, Ricky discovered a brand new sound and is poised to use his business and industry experience to join peers both past and present in bringing his music across international borders.


NEW MUSIC: Glasses Malone – Sun Come Up feat. Ro Dolla (Unofficial Remix)

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Ro Deezy drops a verse on Glasses Malone’s “Sun Come Up” featuring Rick Ross, T-Pain & Birdman.

DOWNLOAD: Glasses Malone – Sun Come Up (rmx) feat. Ro Dolla, Rick Ross, Birdman & T-Pain

Moni in the Middle of…Theatre That's Not Recession Proof

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Spent Factory Theatre 

Last night I checked out a hilarious play starring my good friend and awesomely talented actor Ravi Jain, co-starring equally impressive Adam Paolozza.  This play goes through the trials and tribulations of the corporate world and it’s totally out of whack stance on our world economy.  Be prepared to ride a roller-coaster of emotions as you follow these two on their journey from the top of the ladder to the bottom…


Moni in the Middle of…SXSW Submissions deadline November 6th!

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Deadline November 6th, 2009! (more…)

Moni in the Middle of…Secrets of a Blackboy!! ONLY 3 shows LEFT!!!

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Samson Brown by Marc Lostracco

Toronto is coming with some heat right now!! And its not just music either… For the past few weeks, and for the next few weeks, film and theatre is on the come up too.  Secrets of a Blackboy sets the benchmark of relevant theatre in the city and with only 3 shows left, you MUST SEE this incredible play! (more…)

The Fine Print: Cigarettes and Cellphones

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Shocking Isnt It?

Shocking Isn't It?

By Jonathon Brown

Remember before the smoking sections even existed? When it was regular that smoking was everywhere? In the restaurants and bars, of course. But in the dollar store? At the LCBO! While driving with kids? In doctor’s offices! I’ve even heard stories about it in schools. It was clearly an acceptable practice at the time. As more information came forward, a new perception of common sense, safety and courtesy grew.1

Now, we can’t even fathom a mall full of cigarette smoke. Smokers have been banned and relegated to the great outdoors to fidget, and huff and puff a much rougher winter than their cushy, non smoking counterparts who spend their break time at room temperature. Just try and picture that typical 50 year old bus driver hootin’ on his extra strength-death as he boots down the road carting tomoro’s great minds to school. And on some Home Alone vibe, it quickly registers “I DON’T THINK SO.”

Not in the stores, not in the car with kids, not at the bar, not even by the doors of a movie theatre – “Back up and take that habit-on-the-hip somewhere else!”

So now it’s a wonderful world – word to Louis Armstrong. (more…)

Moni in the Middle of…Picking Up the Pieces Photo Exhibit Tonight!!

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Dalit n. 1. A member of the lowest-caste relating to the traditional Hindu caste system – literally translating to “oppressed” or “broken”– is generally used to refer to people who were once known as “untouchables”. (more…)

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